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Hong Kong News Executives' Association

  Set up in 1986, the Hong Kong News Executives' Association is dedicated to safeguarding and promoting freedom of the press, enhancing understanding and cooperation among members, fostering professional unity, advancing standards of professional conduct and maintaining the dignity of the profession. The association encourages members to collectively resolve problems facing the news profession. Members of the association include news executives of Hong Kong's major media organizations, including chief editors, deputy chief editors, news editors and deputy news editors. Currently, it has more than 100 members.
  Over the past 27 years, the association has endeavoured to raise the quality of journalism with a view to providing the people of Hong Kong with objective news reports. It has promoted exchanges between local and overseas journalists and actively facilitated exchanges among news professionals from the Mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. The association has also provided training opportunities for aspiring journalists to help them face the challenges of a knowledge economy and globalisation.
  As a keen advocate of press freedom, the association expects journalists to be guided by the public interest. It calls on journalists to abide by the principles of accuracy, objectivity and fairness in reporting, and encourages news executives to lead their staff to adhere to these principles. In 2000, the association joined hands with three other journalists' groups (Hong Kong Journalists Association, Hong Kong Federation of Journalists and Hong Kong Press Photographers Association) to launch a joint code of ethics, with a view to raising the credibility of the profession.
       To encourage journalists to enhance their capabilities, the association regularly organizes symposiums, training courses and workshops. They include︰
  1. Journalism Symposiums - Since 1993, the association has jointly organized symposiums with journalism   organizations from the Mainland, Taiwan and Macau. They took turns to host the function, first annually and then biennially. Themes explored included press freedom, professional ethics, media management and the emergence of new media.
  The association was the host in 1997, when Hong Kong was reunited with China. In 2004, the symposium's opening ceremony was held at Government House and officiated by Acting Chief Executive Donald Tsang Yam-kuen. The association took the opportunity to introduce Hong Kong's development since reunification to the delegates, who visited major organizations including the Hong Kong Monetary Authority and the genome research centre of the University of Hong Kong.
  2. Course on Media Management - Jointly organized with the University of Science and Technology, the course aimed to raise the managerial skills of news executives.
  3. Course on National Affairs - To enhance understanding of national affairs, the association, together with the Newspaper Society of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Federation of Journalists, annually arranges journalists to study at Peking University, where they also interact with central government officials in charge of various portfolios.
  4. Course on Media Law - Funded by the Mass Communications Training Board of the Vocational Training Council, the course is held every year and aimed at equipping journalists with legal knowledge relevant to journalism.
  5. Workshop on World Trade Organisation - In 2005, in preparation for Hong Kong's hosting of a WTO ministerial conference, the association and the Trade and Industry Department jointly held a number of workshops for journalists. Officials, academics and representatives of non-governmental organizations were invited to explain the background and implications of WTO negotiations.
  6. Briefings - The association regularly arranges members to exchange views with senior officials, including the Chief Executive, Chief Secretary, Financial Secretary and Directors of Bureaus.

  The association is headed by a board of directors elected annually by its members.

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